Mackinac in the Media

Manoomin Camp spreads Ojibwe wild rice culture (The Daily Mining Gazette, 09/01/2019)

Mackinac Bands Hold Annual Spring Gathering (Cheboygan Daily Tribune, 04/28/2016)

Mackinac Bands to Host Spring Gathering April 23 in St. Ignace (The St. Ignace News, 04/14/2016)

Kids of Veteran Battling Kansas DCF could be Adopted by Chippewa Nation (KC Fox4News, 04/04/2016)

Schwab children could leave Kansas for Chippewa Nation (, 04/01/2016)

Tribe Says DOI Usurping Congress By Failing To Recognize It (Law360, 11/12/2015)

Mich. Defeats Natives’ Class Action Over Mining Land Sale (Law360, 08/31/2015)

Mackinac Bands Come Together, Hear Update on Recognition Effort (The St. Ignace News, 05/14/2015)

Judge Tells Mackinac Tribe to Submit Federal Recognition Petition (, 04/01/2015)

Tribe Loses Quest For Federal Recognition In DC Court (Law360, 04/01/2015)

American Indians Fail In Bid To Block Mining Land Sale (Law360, 03/18/2015)

Mackinac Bands Celebrate Christmas (Cheboygan Daily News,12/17/2013)

Michigan Court Won’t Apply ICWA to Non-Recognized Indians (, 07/02/2013)

Mackinac Bands Gather at St. Ignace (The St. Ignace News, 04/25/2013)

Powwow to be part of Nautical City Festival (, 06/30/2009)

Mackinac Bands Group Attempts Tribal Separation (Mackinac Island News, 12/11/2004)

Not All Tribe Members Like Way Deck Is Stacked On New Casino (Chicago Tribune, 05/24/1999)

DRAIN – Film about decreasing water levels of the Great Lakes

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