Who We Are

Mackinac Bands of Chippewa & Ottawa Indians

Mackinac Bands of Chippewa and Ottawa Indians IS State Recognized

     Incorporated in 1998, we have been a nation of people for over 300 years with council going back to 1916. the Mackinac Band(s) of Chippewa and Ottawa Indians is part of the Mackinac Anishinabe people's living history.

     Perseverance has served the Mackinac people and is the natural way of leadership to mature and to follow in the footsteps of our elders. Many Mackinac people did not grow up in a "traditional" household and were not taught the relationship with community and culture. Community is the bases for a Tribe. The Mackinac Band(s) of Chippewa and Ottawa Indians is focused on enrollment, natural resource management, and restoring the Mackinac Anishinabe identity distinct from the dominate society, we also seek to discover fine new leaders interested in building a successful Treaty Nation for the decendants of the Mackinac Bands.

     We can not fail because we are living history "WE EXIST"... and many people have courageously stepped forward, investing their time, investing their money, meeting face to face to outline the future goals and to discuss ways to build the Mackinac Anishinabe community. We are not extinct.

     The future success for the 7th generation is the responsibility of this generation. Nearly 200 years ago treaties were signed and right up through 1908 United States was recognizing the Mackinac Anishinabe (OTTAWA). The great grandparents were identified as First Nations people. One hundred years treaties and colonization has created many challenges for the Mackinac descendants. Unification of the Band(s) is as important today as 100 years ago.

     As Ottawa people, we are always concerned how our children will handle the challenges of restoring, protecting, preserving, and moving forward in a good way, showing respect for the Earth Centered teachings and spiritual beliefs of our Anishinabe native culture.


Council Board Members



Lisa Powers/Chairwoman                            (906) 984-2202    LPowers@MackinacBand.com

James Andress/Council Member                  (906) 984-2238    jimandresssr@gmail.com

Mackinac Straits Region Director

Patricia Wartella/Secretary-Treasurer        (269) 650-6740   Secretary@MackinacBand.com  

Southwest Michigan Region Director   



Babe Jenerou/Council Member                     (906) 286-4372

Western Upper Peninsula Region Director


Richard Lewis                                                 (906) 322-7510   mishomis2@gmail.com

Elder Advisory Chairperson




Phone: 906-984-2202
Email:   Information@MackinacBand.com
Address: P.O. Box 250 St. Ignace, MI 49781