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Community Building

Mackinac Bands Community Building

15 Grondin Road

Saint Ignace, MI 49781

Community Building Update
We are all very excited and hard at work on our new Community Building. This has been a major project years in the making, since 2017, and we cannot thank enough all the countless volunteer hours and donations from our membership, council, and others. Thank you to all who have donated your time and resources to help us achieve this amazing goal.
We are very short handed. Raising funds and upkeep costs towards the building are ongoing. The building and grounds will provide an office and gathering space, and grounds for our ceremonies. The Mackinac People will finally have a place to call home! Its been a long, arduous project with several setbacks, but being the true Anishinaabe that we are, we continue and keep fighting the good fight for the People.
All help is appreciated!
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